We are historic, independent Baptists by doctrinal position and church polity. Since it is our conviction that this historic position is biblical, we purpose to plant churches functioning in this pattern. We are sent out of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Mustang, Oklahoma.

Each church that we seek to plant should be autonomous (self-governing). With this conviction, we endeavor to labor tediously in the theological and practical training of faithful, teachable, and qualified men.

No local church is truly autonomous, reproducible, and sustainable if it is financially dependent upon American missionary funds. We desire to immediately teach our people the importance of supporting their pastoral leadership financially and making fiscally responsible decisions.



Without careful evangelism, there will be no long-term discipleship, church planting, or training of men for the ministry. Our desire is not to boast of large numbers, but to be faithful and diligent in the accurate, proclamation of the Gospel message. There is tremendous power in the Gospel, and we are willing to depend upon the Spirit alone as we proclaim the Gospel. We recognize that it is God who yields the increase, and we are confident that He will do that as we are faithful to His Word.

The Great Commission involves far more than evangelism. Training knowledgeable, committed followers of Christ is the focus of our church planting ministry. We believe that through thorough discipleship, we believe we will see permanence in the work and exponential growth. We pray that God will raise up faithful, teachable men after the pattern of 2 Timothy 2:2.
While we desire to serve the Lord for many years in the Czech Republic, we realize that our lives are but a vapor. We pray that our vapor of a life will produce lasting fruit for the Kingdom of God. That will only happen if we are diligent in the training of teachable, faithful, and qualified men whom God will raise up and place in the ministry. It is our conviction that this training both theologically and practically will be accomplished best through effective and long-term discipleship.