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I was five years old when I became convicted of my sin state and aware of the punishment God demands for sin. My mother took me aside and explained to me that the only means of salvation is through Jesus Christ. She told me how I could ask for forgiveness of my sins and receive Christ’s free gift of salvation. I proceeded to pray by her side and by grace receive Jesus as my personal Savior.

I followed the Lord in obedience to the Spirit’s leading to become a missionary as did my wife shortly after we were married in 2006. We were privileged to serve overseas in Papua New Guinea for two years. While serving in PNG, God allowed us to be a part of planting  Capital City Baptist Church in Port Moresby. We served and witnessed the church grow from thirty people on a high attendance day to over two hundred people on a Sunday. We were able to help start a Christian School in the capital city called South Pacific International Academy. Abby and I led a weekly Bible study in town, discipled people in the faith, and helped establish a solid children’s ministry at the church. I also used my skillset in aviation to operate our PNG Team’s mission plane and serve both nationals and missionaries in the more remote areas of the country. We loved serving in Papua New Guinea.
In April of 2017, while in the process of building our family’s house, my wife and kids were violently attacked. The attack against my wife went beyond physical brutality to a dark place that does not need to be expounded upon here. Following the attack, my family took a sabbatical in the United States to receive Godly counsel and healing. It was during the process of healing that God revealed to us, through His Word and divine providence, that He was moving us to another country to serve Him.

We are currently preparing for a survey trip to Central Europe the second half of March. God seems to be leading specifically to the Czech Republic and by His grace, we will endeavor to serve Him thereby sharing the good news of His salvation and by discipling people in the truth of His Word.

At the age of five, I became concerned about death while listening to news of war in the Middle East. My father explained to me that children of God do not need to be afraid of death. He explained that if I asked forgiveness for my sins, I would be forgiven them because Christ had paid for my sins on the cross. I prayed for forgiveness of my sins and received salvation.

Two of the sweetest years of our lives were spent in Papua New Guinea. What we were able to see the hand of the Lord accomplish there was beyond amazing. I look forward, with anticipation, to what God is going to do next in the life and ministry of our family.

We have two boys named Vincent and Ian. Vincent is the older, blond haired, and blue eyed of the two and believes life should be lived at full throttle with no application of rudder. Ian is our youngest and sports dark brown eyes and hair. He is our laid back child and enjoys hanging out in the arms of strangers.