TylerAbby-smallTyler & Abby Nikkel | Missionaries to the Czech Republic
Sent out of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Mustang OK

When most people think of the Czech Republic (Czechia), they think about beautiful architecture, ancient castles, classical music, or fine art. Few think about the Czech Republic as a country caught in a religious vacuum that is spiritually starving for truth.

There was a brief period of spiritual enlightenment in the region under John Huss in the late 14th and early 15th century. But the Catholics forcefully took over and propagated their doctrine of works. What is now called the Czech Republic, suffered much under the rule of the medieval Catholic church for centuries. Then during World War II Hitler eradicated most of the Catholic presence.

At the end of World War II, the communist Soviet Union took over and continued to eliminate any religious influence. By the time of the velvet revolution in 1989, the Czech Republic was severely anesthetized to the concept of God.

Today the Czech Republic is widely considered the third most atheistic country in the world. A recent university study of young adults between the ages of 16 and 29, across greater Europe, reveals the spiritual emptiness of the Czech Republic. 75% of young adults in Sweden reported no affiliation to any religion, Estonia was second at 80%, and the Czech Republic ranked highest at 91% of its young adult population being uninterested in anything relating to God.

Controversial social and political issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion are barely even considered issues of debate in the Czech Republic with its godless worldview.
We’re painting a spiritual picture of the Czech Republic with broad strokes in regards to religion. But in light of the current state of the country, imagine with me how few of the Czech people have heard the explicit saving Gospel of Jesus Christ with his substitutionary death on the cross.