Dear friends,
We have our visas to serve in the Czech Republic! Last Wednesday (less than 30 days
from when we submitted our applications) I received an email from the Czech
Embassy in Washington DC to inform us that our visas were approved. We were told
by the embassy and others to expect no less than 90–120 days for possible approval.
You can imagine my surprise when I heard the chime of new mail on my iPhone and
looked down to see the good news! I wanted to post the update last Wednesday but
decided it was best to wait until we held our stamped passports in hand to make the
announcement. Yesterday afternoon our passports with the visas arrived in the mail.
The Czech Republic only provides first-time visa applicants with either a six-month
or one-year initial visa. By God’s grace, they have chosen to give us an initial one-year
visa beginning on September 25 of this year until September 24 of 2019. After
the first year, we will be able to apply for a more extended three-year visa. I have
already purchased airline tickets for our family, and we will arrive in the Czech
Republic the day that our permits become effective.
To all of you who have prayed, we give you our thanks and covet your continued
prayers as we prepare to move in September!

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