APRIL 2018

Dear Friends,

Our survey trip to the Czech Republic was a complete success. Thank you for praying for God’s provision and leading while we surveyed the country. We primarily stayed with long-time Czech missionaries, Jon and Emily Rettig. They were helpful in giving us an eyes-wide-open perspective of ministry in the Czech Republic. We also spent a weekend with a thirty-year veteran missionary to Europe named James Griggers, and he proved to be a wealth of wisdom and knowledge about missions in Europe.

What stunned us most throughout our survey trip to the Czech Republic was the spiritual emptiness of the country. It was profoundly moving to visit with so many people from so many different walks of life that neither knew nor cared anything about God. I have placed a link below to our video presentation which will provide more insight into the country’s significant need for missionaries.

When we left for the survey trip, we thought the Lord was leading us to base our family in Prague, the capital city. But the Lord revealed to us the great need for missionaries in a city one hour west of Prague named Plzeň. It has a well-respected University that offers the vital professional Czech language training we need. With a population of around 170,000 and
the greater Plzeň area comprising close to 600,000 souls; the necessity for the Gospel
is staggering.

We were careful to examine living costs and evaluate whether our current support level will allow us to minister in the Czech Republic. I’m pleased to report that we are rock solid to press on towards our hopeful departure goal of early September.

Right now the most significant barrier for us to get through is the Czech visa process. There are a lot of details that have to come together neatly for us to receive our visas. We request your prayers for our paperwork to be processed smoothly and quickly. I won’t bore with details, but I have been working feverishly on trying to get the immense amount of paperwork prepared for our family to turn in to the Czech embassy in Washington DC.

Our survey trip has only reinforced God’s providential leading for our family to minister in the Czech Republic. Thank you for your faithful prayers and friendship in Christ!

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